We do not operate on a fixed fee basis but do provide estimates to all our clients for all matters.  We tailor our estimates to the exact circumstances of our clients needs and specifically to the matter content.  Below is an indication of how we calculate these fees:-

Residential Conveyancing

We are happy to provide an accurate estimate of all costs and disbursements for each individual purchase or sale on request.  As an indication our fees range from £650 plus VAT and disbursements upwards.  The cost of each sale or purchase is dependent on the complexity of the subject matter (for example residential property can include some agricultural land or could be a leasehold title etc).  If you contact us we will provide you with a full detailed estimate once we have taken instructions from you.


Unlike many solicitors we do not charge fees on the basis of a percentage of the assets of the estate as we consider this to be entirely unfair on the client.  We only charge for work undertaken by ourselves, calculated on a time spent basis and we would provide you with an estimate of costs prior to undertaking any work but as an indication, we would expect our fees to be in the range of £500 to £10,000 plus VAT and disbursements.           

Wills & Lasting Powers of Attorney

The costs of wills and lasting powers of attorney depends on the complexity of the client’s requirements. A simple will could cost in the region of £180 plus VAT whereas complex wills which incorporate tax planning or trusts etc could be significantly more.  Again, we would provide a full estimate of costs prior to undertaking any work.

Commercial Conveyancing

Due to the nature of work involved in commercial conveyancing which can be the granting of a lease by a landlord or the taking of a lease by a tenant, or a purchase/sale of development land or commercial premises, we offer a bespoke service and provide an estimate of costs depending on the type and complexity of the matter.  As an indication we would expect a granting of a lease new of premises to cost upwards of £650 plus VAT similarly for the taking of a lease by a tenant.  Freehold purchase/sale costs are entirely dependent on the type of matter but we would be happy to provide an estimate of costs tailored to those exact circumstances.


Please note we take complaints very seriously and if you wish to raise an issue with us we will provide you with a copy of our complaints handling procedure. Within that procedure outline is information about how and when you can make a complaint to the Legal Ombudsman and/or the SRA.

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